Get Your w2 & Paystub

1. Go to green employee 

    website by clicking here

2. Enter company code:   


3.Answer questions as directed to log in.

Having trouble logging in?

Contact Glenn via email at ISTeam@edamian.com

Please be certain to specifically state the problem you are having.

Human Services Forms & Employment Verification 

Human Services Forms & Employment Verification: 
If you are a current employee or a former employee,
please  follow these directions to get your forms completed:
1. Mail all forms to the address listed below.
2. You cannot fax, call nor hand deliver the forms.  We will only accpet them via US Mail.
3.  PSP will process the forms and mail them back to the address provided within the appropriate timeframe.

Examples of forms include:  housing services, food stamps, employment verifications, etc.

4. Requests must include a non-refundable, $25.00 processing fee (cashier checks and/or money orders only, accepted).

5. All requests must include  signatures authorizing the release of personal information. 

Mail forms to :

Perimeter Staffing Placements Inc.
2020Lawrenceville-Suwanee Rd
Suite 202
Suwanee, GA 30024


Direct Deposit Cancellation Request

Print Form


Fax  to 678.407.9910 

Address Change Request

Print Form


Fax  to 678.407.9910