Perimeter's Staffing Solutions  

Perimeter Staffing Placements provides Staffing Solutions in the following industries:

*Business Services
              *Hospitality & Food Service 
                           *Warehouse & Distribution & Manufacturing
               *Education & Government      
                          *Administrative & Professional          

Our Staffing Solutions include the following services:

Direct Hire Placements:  United States-This service provides the client with Perimeter’s expert recruiting knowledge and experience to find the best candidate for a particular position, in which the client would pay a negotiated fee and would hire the candidate directly onto their payroll.  Perimeter offers a guarantee of your satisfaction for this service.

On-Site Staffing:  State Of Georgia-This service supports the client by having a Perimeter Staffing Account Management Team on Site, at the client's location to manage the recruiting, hiring and day to day management of the temp employees for the client. This solution is based on the volume of employees needed by the client and the customized needs of the client.

Temporary(Short-Term & Long-Term) Placements:  Metro Atlanta-This service will be customized to allow our clients to utilize an employee on a temporary basis for a defined period of time. This service allows the client to have flexibility in determining how often or for what length of time their needs would constitute the use of temporary support.

Temp to Hire Placements:  Metro Atlanta-This service allows a client to utilize a qualified temp employee for a specific period of time and provides the option of hiring the employee onto the client's payroll at the end of the specific timeframe, with no additional fees. This service allows the client to evaluate the employee and decide if he or she would be a candidate for permanent employment.

ASAP Staffing:  Metro Atlanta-This service supports the client by providing temporary staffing for unexpected call-offs, resignations/terminations and other unforeseen reasons, that result in immediate (same day or next day) temporary staffing needs.

Pay-Rolling Option:  Metro Atlanta-This service is available for those clients who wish to recruit their own candidates, and/or transition temps from another staffing agency, but do not wish to add the candidate to their payroll. Perimeter will incur the responsibility of pay-rolling the employee and handling the Worker's Compensation, FICA Taxes, Social Security Taxes, and all other work and expenses associated with hiring a new employee.